Matching motor speed to work demand saves energy.

This comprehensive discussion will provide you with a better understanding of pros and cons of variable frequency drives. In the right applications, variable frequency drives (VFDs) offer great energy-savings potential. In addition, they provide high power factor, improved speed control, soft-start capabilities, and more.

This webinar will explain the following:
  • How VFDs work
  • Best application
  • How to size
  • Handling power-quality issues

Spend an hour with us and learn to speak confidently with your facility staff and vendors about VFDs.

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2022
11:00 am to noon

This webinar requires registration and space is limited. If you need assistance with registration, please contact us at

About the Speakers

1646926012-a67cbdfdf755e98c Brian Olsen
Sr. Energy Analyst

1643304838-13b7a9c45e3ae46e Trevor Swanson
Program Manager, APS

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