Check out some of the newest, cutting-edge LED outdoor lighting technology!

Outdoor lighting is undergoing a revolution. Energy codes are making outdoor lighting controls mandatory. Sky glow, light trespass and glare are serious issues that the industry is addressing. But outdoor lighting rocks! We will give you eight reasons why.

Stay ahead of the curve. Join us for a look at outdoor lighting recommended practices, as established by organizations like LEEP, MSSLC, ASSIST, FEMP and IES. We'll also cover the following hot topics:
  • Drop-in LED lamp performance
  • Dirt depreciation impact
  • Area and street lighting controls
  • Proper disposal of old HID lamps

Plus, we'll share the latest outdoor lighting product innovations, as well as several outdoor lighting case studies.

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Wednesday, August 10th, 2022
11:00 am to noon

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About the Speakers

1646929061-4229c2764ab9925f Brian Olsen
Sr. Energy Analyst

1643304838-13b7a9c45e3ae46e Trevor Swanson
Program Manager, APS

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