Explore the eight best practices for improving indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) impacts people’s health, comfort, and productivity. Does improving indoor air quality require a tradeoff between energy efficiency and thermal comfort? This webinar will examine the eight best practices for achieving quality indoor air. We will compare a variety of ventilation approaches such as Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS), natural ventilation, thermal displacement ventilation, and variable air volume (VAV) systems. The impact of the ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation standard on energy consumption will also be discussed.

Join us for this webinar today and breathe easier when discussing IAQ with your staff and employees.

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2022
11:00 am to noon

This webinar requires registration and space is limited. If you need assistance with registration, please contact us at webinarinfo@questline.com.

About the Speakers

1647018039-2b34afff89f7e9d4 Brian Olsen
Sr. Energy Analyst

1643304838-13b7a9c45e3ae46e Trevor Swanson
Program Manager, APS